YEKSAN CONSTRUCTION has been carrying the values of being
civilization to all around Turkey for 25 years.
From past to today, succeed at building sport, health, education, commerce structures; give chances to thousands of families with actualized projects.
YEKSAN CONSTRUCTION makes actual the perfect investment understanding with Avrupa Houses, Doğa College, Göztepe Medical Park Hospital, Kuyumcukent Shopping Mall and have a say in construction sector.
A sign which moves a civilization forward is the magnificent constructions. YEKSAN CONSTRUCTION takes inspiration from the past to build the future by following the economical, social and cultural transitions. It evaluates own experiences and technological substructures to raise impervious, safe and modern life places. Presents key-ready places to clients with fast project processes.
YEKSAN CONSTRUCTION, which succeed lots of prestigious projects, aims presenting precious investments for people in the time to come as its motto says "Main constituent of civilization". Its objective is, taking civilization a step further with pleasure and cutting edge technology.
High-rise Buildings
Healthcare Facilities
Education Buildings and Sports Facilities
Business Center
Shopping Mall


YEKSAN CONSTRUCTION is working to present services beyond expectations thereby using developing and strengthen technologies.

In all projects which is brought into being, YEKSAN applies occupational health and safety, makes the delivery on time, keeps the quality of substructure and superstructure pre-eminently. Preserve its brand image thereby following standarts, technical specifications, administrative and regulation conditions.

Also, to perpetuate customer satisfaction, YEKSAN cares about the customer needs and possibilities. In addition to all these, YEKSAN gives particular importance to be leader in the sector, open for improvement and develop innovator image.


YEKSAN CONSTRUCTION respects the life as much as respecting own job. So, it takes care not only the comfort, but also continuity of well-life.

It works for the bright future with projects which produce low-level waste, consuming energy and water at optimum standarts, respecting to nature projects. In addition to all these, YEKSAN stays out the projects which pollutes the earth and never think about the tomorrow.